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What Clients Say About Our Etiquette and Diversity Training

We are very proud of the testimonials our clients give us. Here’s what they have to say…

Mrs. Hill.

It was a pleasure learning from you today. You are wise, graceful, elegant, brilliant, beautiful, strategic, powerful and making a profound impact in the lives of those that you encounter.

I am happy that my daughter had the exposure to you and your wealth of knowledge. She was very responsive and asked me questions as you shared. Thank you for being a contributor to the woman that I desire for her to be.

Blessings to you! You are a destiny helper.

Tamika Martin
3D Women

Comments after dining etiquette as Washington Duke

Always, always, ALWAYS, a pleasure to hear your wisdom and spend time with you. Watching the smiles and engaged eyes of both the kids and adults in the room was amazi

Ern Callahan
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle

Dear Sharon,
Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with our middle school students. They truly enjoyed your presentation and gained ne skills that will serve them well in the future.

Andie Thomas-Young
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle
Executive Director

I am Shreya, we met at the Duke Seminar today.
Your presence was so impactful, brilliant, and bright today. I am glad we met and talked. You radiated so much positivity, warmth, power, and kindness. Thank you for being at Duke; your session was the best session this semester! 😊

The audience was 70% Indian, 30% Chinese, and 10% other. Session was high energy and interactive.

Thank you . Thank you.  Thank you.  We really appreciated your timely message in the speech “The Power of Saying Yes”. I loved the stories and the wrapping around of the message of being open to new opportunities. I am in agreement that the universal message you brought was one for a bigger audience all across the Continents of Toastmasters. The speech was masterfully done and held my attention from beginning to end.

One of the things I noticed everyone seemed relaxed from what I could see. I do not think we wanted you to go. The conversation was elevated to a higher level by great table topics and being able to ask the speaker questions directly. Since you had and still have a wider perspective of Toastmasters I enjoyed the questions and dialogue. Especially my pet peeve which is helping clubs address the concern of membership and the fact that we have to look at it using a different perspective than before the pandemic, additionally, each club should be willing to understand where the club is and will be in a post pandemic world.

I looked at your books and The Wild Woman’s Guide to Etiquette title was intriguing because that’s how I feel right now.

Thank you again for being our guest speaker I learned quite a bit about saying yes to opportunities just in that 20 minute speech. You have inspired me. Appreciate you. 

Wardah Ameen
Vice President Membership
Raconteurs Club #5903

On behalf of the Carolina Club Business Builders and the staff of the Carolina Club, I wanted to sincerely thank you for speaking as part of our Lunch and Learn series.

The members all loved and thoroughly enjoyed your talk, and I know they will all be better speakers for future talks as a result of the lessons they learned from you.

Thank you again for your talk, energy and messages.

Chip Sweeney, Business Builders Ambassador
Carolina Club

Sharon we have had phenomenal feedback from folks who attended and appreciated your speaking style. I think that the way you are able to disarm “etiquette” from something that has a bit of nose in the air connotation to a lot of people is absolutely incredible. I so appreciated you and the way you engaged with our students and alumni hosts.

Kelsey Stamm, Manager of Young Alumni and Student Engagement
Alumni Engagement, CSU Alumni Association

Thank you very much for providing an insightfull and energetic speech at this month’s Ladies Who Lunch event. It was wonderful meeting you and I hope to see you in the future. I am happy to speak with anyone who is looking to have you come to their event and will tell them how much our members enjoyed your presentation. 

Gabrielle McCalister
Youth and Communications Director
MacGregor Downs Country Club
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Gabrielle McCalister
Youth and Communications Director
MacGregor Downs Country Club
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Thank you for providing us with such an impactful, entertaining, powerful and lively keynote address.  Your energy, enthusiasm and message were exceptional, and our group is certain to benefit from it for years to come.  We were truly honored to have you with us during this special time together.


Lauren M. Lynch | Senior Paralegal | Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP

Ms. Hill, Yesterday you talked with my internship class at N.C. State with Dr. Katz. I wanted to thank you for taking time out of your day to join us, I very much enjoyed it! Your enthusiasm really does spread to all those around you. I learned quite a lot about workplace environments and how to survive in them. Thank you so much!

Emily Prins, NC State University

Thank you so much for the excellent presentation you made at the State of North Carolina Office of the State Controller Lunch and Learn session.  Your session “Pumping Up Your Professionalism” was very informative and engaging.

Attendees stated that the presentation was “fantastic” and “excellent speaker.” Also, several asked that we have you back to speak again.

The information you presented on professionalism and office etiquette will be beneficial to the staff who attended.  The number of questions during and after your presentation is a testament to the interest and value of the topic to the audience.

Again, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your knowledge and expertise.  We hope we can call on you another time in the future.

Julie W. Batchelor
Deputy State Controller

Foremost, I appreciate Sharon Hill taking the time to speak to us on Tuesday, January 11, 2011. The Tuesday was right after Winter Break and in the midst of bad weather. Even so, Sharon Hill made it out to speak with us and because the girls were excited about her coming, they made their way to the meeting as well. Thirty girls attended the meeting, and they truly appreciated the interactive meeting.

Mrs. Hill planned to discuss professional etiquette, but she brought much more. While, she taught us valuable tips on the areas 1) handshakes, 2) eye contact, and 3) small talk, she brought her presentation to the next level by assuring we were involved. Her personality and interpersonal skills made the girls want to participate. She assured the event was fun and intellectual. In fact, to generate research (without expected correlation to Mrs. Hill’s visit), I asked each CWIB member to tell me what they wanted from CWIB this year. I collected the assignment at the end of the meeting. To my delight, about 4 girls asserted comments directly related to Mrs. Hill’s presentation: they said they wanted to see more interactive speakers, they wanted more interactive meetings, and one even said they wanted Ms. Hill to come a second time.

To me, that shows her influence. I met Mrs. Hill at a previous presentation. From that point on, she has been kind, thoughtful, and more. I appreciate her excitement, servitude, and professionalism. I look forward to working more with her in the future!

Porscha Armwood,VP of Communications for Carolina Women In Business (CWIB) at UNC-CH.

Thank you for offering us your expertise during our Senior Etiquette Dinner.  Your words of wisdom will indefinitely help us in the future. 

Personally, I feel I learned a lot and I now have a much clearer understanding as to what is proper etiquette.  You created a very comfortable atmosphere with your warmth and humor, and I appreciate that because it allowed us to ask even the most ridiculous questions (from “What is something gets stuck in my teeth?” to “What do I do about the Asian glow?”)

Please know that I spoke to many seniors and they could not stop raving about what a wonderful night it was.  Thank you for your advice!

Christina Azimi
Duke University Senior Class President

Thank you very much for presenting Netiquette: Don’t Blow a Deal because of your Communication Skills to our members at the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce.

Your high energy presentation provided the attendees with excellent advice on communicating effectively in the business world.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with our members.

Nadine Heine
Director of Member Services
Morrisville Chamber of Commerce

Sharon, your Managing Conflict in the Workplace presentation at Food4Thought was amazing! It was so effective to have role-lay and the topic was helpful for everyone there!

Thank you for your support of all of us and for such an enlightening presentation!

Food4Thought is an invitation only monthly luncheon for select business owners in the Raleigh/Cary/Durham/Chapel Hill community. It is hosted monthly by Mary Margaret Harris of Capital Bank, Lorana Price from Holy Cow Branding and Lea-Ann W. Berst with Sleddogg Marketing Management.

Sharon, I hardly know how to say thank you for your outstanding interactive presentation at our meeting Wednesday night because words seem so inadequate. 

You engaged every person right from the start, were committed to answering everyone’s questions, presented information in ways we will not forget, and did it all with warmth, charm and a delightful sense of humor!  To top it all off, you not only told us, but demonstrated how to make a terrific presentation.  We are most appreciative and hope you will not hesitate to call on us if there’s any way we can ever be of help to you.

Mary Ann Bella
VP for Programs
Independent Communicators Alliance


When I was seven years old my dad taught me to have a firm handshake and look someone in the eye when introducing myself to them.  I have always been grateful for this and other “business lessons” he passed on to me.

Today, I enjoy having other knowledgeable people build on that training.  Thank you for your talk this morning at the roundtable.  I wish it could have been longer.  I learned so much in such a short time.  Thank you especially for the extra tips on handling business cards.  I hope our paths cross again soon.

Jen H.

Jason Dunkin, a Criminal Justice student at Vance-Granville Community College (Henderson, N.C.), said that he was excited by all that he learned from Sharon Hill’s seminar on professionalism. “I learned how to remember the focus of small talk with the letters F.O.R.M.—Family, Organization, Recreation and Motivation. I’m going to use this in the future, particularly as I’m planning to go to law school.”

On behalf of Mr. David Miller, president of the National Alumni Council (NAC), and Ms. Chrishele Kingdom, president of the National Pre-Alumni Council (NPAC), thank you for your participation as a presenter during the 63rd UNCF-NAC/NPCA Leadership Conference in Greensboro, NC from February 4-8, 2009.  Our students were impressed and moved by your presentation.

Thank you for your commitment to ensuring that the 63rd UNCF (United Negro College Fund) conference was a great success!

Christal M. Cherry
National Director
Alumni, Groups & Faith Partnerships

On behalf of the Meeting Professionals International Rocky Mountain Chapter (MPIRMC), I would like to thank you for speaking at our Backpacks to Briefcases at the University of Denver.  We really enjoyed your message about dining and small talk at the table.

Feedback from our chapter members declared the program a resounding success and we thank you again for your partnership.

Megan Meyers, CMP
MPIRMC President


I want to thank you so much for Monday’s Dining Etiquette Workshop.  The ladies really REALLY enjoyed it and haven’t stopped talking about how much they learned.

Thank you again for making this such a fun event for us.  We really appreciate it.

Tammy Jacobs, Case Manager and Trainer
Orange County Family Resource Center
Resident Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency

Thank you for speaking at the Durham Young Professionals: Pump Up Your Professionalism event at Mez Contemporary Restaurant. This informal and educational session provided young professionals the opportunity to learn exciting tips and techniques that will further their professionalism and help make lasting first impressions. You provided an exciting and energetic atmosphere which left this sold-out crowd of participants wanting much more! On behalf of the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce and Durham Young Professionals, I sincerely appreciate your willingness to support our program.

Danielle Kaspar
Director of Programming & Events
Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce

Sharon, thank you for your role in assuring the triumphs of the 54th Annual NC-FBLA State Leadership Conference. As a speaker and a conference leader you inspired both our students and their advisors with your profound subject matter knowledge and leadership. Your experiences prove that mistakes do not necessarily mean defeat and that self confidence and poise can be learned. We are forever grateful for your support.

Lorraine Stephens
NC-FBLA State Advisor

Thank you for your recent participation with our 2008 DBR Executive Management Program. On behalf of the NC Institute of Minority Economic Development and the NC Department of Transportation, we would like to extend sincere gratitude for your contribution to the success of the DBE Executive Management Program. We appreciate your willingness to take the time and effort to share knowledge that will help minority-owned businesses grow to the next level. Your comments empowered these business owners to burst into the marketplace with confidence!

Crystal German, Vice President of the NC Institute of Minority Economic Development
Shelton Russell, Business Development Manager for the NC Department of Transportation

As the HR Director, it is often difficult to generate an enthusiastic response among the employees to attend a Sexual Harassment and Diversity Training workshop. Of our employee base of 30-, 40-, and 50-somethings, these employees have heard the message many times over that “we are all different and we must all exhibit a tolerant behavior.” Sharon Hill has truly changed our employees’ perceptions of sexual harassment and diversity as it relates in the workplace. Because of her workshop, they seem to actually now understand why this topic is so important… not only in the workplace, but within society.

Pat Shepherd
Campus Partners

Thank you so much for hosting the Senior Etiquette dinner and Wine Tasting. Your etiquette advice and tips for the business world were very helpful and are sure to be valuable in our post-graduation years. Thank you again - your help made the event a great success!

The Senior Class Council
Duke University

A huge THANK YOU for a great job on the SuperCruise last week! I enjoyed meeting and working with you and hope to see you either on or off next year’s cruise. We’ve received nothing but positive feedback and I want to acknowledge your part in making the 1st Annual Capital Jazz SuperCruise such a memorable success! It was a pleasure having you aboard and again, thanks!

Karen Mack
Karen Mack Management Consultants, LLC

Sharon, I just wanted to make sure I followed up with you because I really enjoyed our conversations. You really taught me a lot! I went home after the event and bragged to my roommate about all the different things you taught me, like the 2-day follow up rule, the holding of your drink in the left hand so you can greet with you right, and the things you do when you receive a business card. Once again, I really thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. Your advice will truly make me a better person.

Charles Robinson, Student
Duke University

Though I am sure I do not need to tell you, your presentation at the Business Alliance luncheon was a resounding success - so obvious from the many questions and smiling faces. Great job! Needed and well-received information with a good sprinkle of humor and great delivery. I, and our other attendees, thoroughly enjoyed the program. I know everyone is running around sharing “BMW” and the “b” and “d” finger moves! Thank you so much for sharing such a wealth of information with us.

Lee Heinrich
Business Alliance Member

Wow!!! Was Sharon a great speaker today, or what? The positive buzz and appreciation that filled the room was pretty darn fantastic. Not only that, but her interactive style and question taking really helped us learn more about each other, as well as about etiquette. Thank you very much for this wonderful time had by all of us. We are really appreciative.

Julie Hilton Steele
The Flower Shuttle

Sharon, I selected your book, 35 Tips for Students to Succeed in Corporate America, for my textbook in the School of Communication Arts’ OralCom class. I think the students benefit from the good first-hand advice you offer, and its format is perfect for our curriculum.

Larue Coats, PhD
The School of Communication Arts

Sharon was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. She made every effort to tailor her presentation to our needs. On the evening of our event, Sharon’s etiquette training exceeded everyone’s expectations. We were simply delighted and thoroughly educated. The feedback from students and administrators has been overwhelmingly positive.

Holly Duke, Assistant Director
The Duke University Career Center

I just wanted to thank you so much for coming to Duke and leading our [Duke dining] etiquette dinner [for seniors] with such enthusiasm! I learned a ton from you.

Jessica Palacios, Student
Duke University

Sharon Hill’s presentation on business communications was outstanding and fun! Her messages were right on the mark. Sharon made learning very enjoyable!

Robin Boettcher, Executive Director
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Eastern N. C. Chapter

Our team is still buzzing about how much fun we had at Sharon Hill’s etiquette presentation. We appreciate Sharon’s interactive methodology and all the enjoyment we shared at her seminar. We learned so much.

Sandra Thompson, President
National Black MBA Association, Inc., RDU Chapter

Dancing Elephants Achievement Group was fortunate to have Sharon Hill as the speaker for our Final Friday Forum. Sharon attracted the best turn out of the year for our monthly event. She was quite informative and entertaining as she addressed business etiquette for sales people in this new age of business.

Tim Moore, President
Dancing Elephants Achievement Group

Sharon, it was such a pleasure hearing you speak. We all enjoyed your presentation, “What Happened to Good Manners?” so much… it gave us a lot to think about.

Jean Saad
The Cary/Apex Christian Women’s Connection

Sharon Hill is an incredible personal coach. I gained so much knowledge from my time with her. She is a dynamic speaker and great motivator. It was one of the greatest teaching experiences that I have been a part of.

Kim Breeden, CEO
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle

Thank you for your time and commitment to Soroptimist International of Raleigh. Your workshop has left a positive, lasting impression to all that are blessed to witness your vibrant energy.

Members and Partners
Soroptimist International of Raleigh

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