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Shut your cell phone off at a formal meal. If expecting a critical call, place your phone on vibrate. Announce prior to the call that you are expecting a critical call.

Business Etiquette Matters

In American business, simple things, such as proper etiquette and good manners, make a big difference. From your entrance to your handshake and business card exchange, your interpersonal behavior can either propel you toward success or cause doors to firmly close behind you.

Sharon Hill is a certified etiquette expert, trained by the American Business Etiquette Trainers Association. Combining her passion for business etiquette, diversity in the workplace and her MBA research on Organizational Behavior, Sharon is recognized as an authority on American business etiquette for companies, universities, groups, associations and individuals.

Teaching and motivating diverse audiences as both an educator and as an entertainer, Sharon’s high-energy and interactive seminars show individuals how to get a job, keep a job, and be promoted based on interpersonal skills. Her seminars help companies and organizations improve workplace fairness and civility, which also improves morale, employee loyalty and productivity.

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