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At networking events, spend no more than five to seven minutes with each new person you meet. End the conversation by saying “I enjoyed talking with you. May I have your card?” If you already have their card, end by saying, “I enjoyed talking with you.” Shake their hand. Move on.

Corporate Success Through Improved Etiquette and Diversity Training

Sharon A. Hill, author, speaker and MBA, spent more than 20 years as a development and marketing manager at Fortune 500 giant IBM. While handling her global management position, she was elected Chairman of the Raleigh/RTP Black Diversity Network Group, a position she held for five years at IBM’s largest site. As a Toastmasters International award winner, Sharon displays mastery and confidence speaking for audiences ranging in size from 10 to more than 500.

Sharon Hill teaches, writes, speaks and coaches individuals and companies about the skills necessary to become grounded in all human interactions while leveraging the advantages of technology. She offers learning combined with a keen sense of humor to enhance and complement each experience.

As a Certified Etiquette Trainer (CET), Sharon uses the breakthrough formulas created by the American Business Etiquette Trainers Association (ABETA) to teach employees and students how to always present themselves as poised, professional, and confident. She’s an acclaimed Toastmaster and former member of the National Speakers Association. Sharon is also a Certified Communicator from Duke University and a radio talk show host.

Through her time–tested experience, Sharon Hill offers her etiquette hints and tips to help companies succeed in business today. Her energy, enthusiasm and humor delight her diverse audiences as they experience her rapid-learning formulas for success.

Sharon also finds time to extend her passion for etiquette as an author, workshop leader, corporate trainer and keynote speaker. She has written four books on etiquette, succeeding in college and corporate America.

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