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Eat prior to attending networking meetings. How can you shake hands, give and accept business cards graciously if you are holding a plate and a drink?

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New Partnership. Sharon Hill International Welcomes Laurece West - Voice Coach

Enhance your communicaton skills with voice training

Voice and Performance coach Laurece West is an expert in training business and creative professionals, as well as students, to significantly up their game in media, videos, interviews, presentations, speeches and events.

Clients gain the capacity to sound great, increase vocal endurance, have easy word flow, speak intelligently in the moment, energize their body language, use to their advantage their unique qualities and ideas so they stand out, present powerfully, authentically connect with people, and maximize their confidence to inspire and motivate their audiences.

Laurece offers individual coaching and group workshops such as Speak with Ease” and “Ace Your Interviews TM.” See the descriptions on the Events, Workshops and Talks page.

Laurece is a recording artist and the co-director of the Durham improv troupe Impromptu Players.

Through a clear step by step method that is both interactive and fun, using improv, voice, performance and mindset techniques
you can expect the following:

Business Persons, Lawyers, and Professionals
Effectively communicate to achieve results.

* Communicate your directive with ease
* Create dynamic presentations
* Energize your performance
* Promote launches, products and solutions easily and effectively
* Optimize your talent
*Accurately represent personal power
* Honor your personal style
* Have higher “buy in” of ideas presented to groups because you connect with and emotionally reach your audience.
* Develop a great sounding voice

Actors, Writers, Poets, Voice Over Professionals & Public Speakers
Enjoy your vocally creative career.

* Train your voice to have a fabulous tone and full resonance.
* Have more power and projection with greater ease.
* Effectively use your voice to represent your text and character.
* Change accents easily.
* Easily portrait emotions and psychological states.
* Energize your vocal delivery.
* Develop a captivating, original voice.
* Learn how to maintain vocal health throughout your career.
* Perform with Confidence
* Move your audience!   

Non- Native Speakers
Learn to communicate easily and effectively in American English.

* Improve sentence structure and flow, word usage and vocabulary.
* Find your rhythm in English
* Accent remediation, if desired
* Understand cultural differences in communication
* Adjust to American communication styles
* Free yourself to speak easily
* Be understood
* Creatively present your thoughts and ideas
* Effectively present yourself in business
* Comfortably speak in social gatherings
* Gain confidence
* Enjoy speaking English

Contact Sharon Hill to set up training by Laurece West.

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