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The best time to hold business meetings is 10:00 a.m. Meeting should not last more than 70 minutes without a break.

Interactive Etiquette and Diversity Presentations

Sharon offers a variety of workshops, as well as individual training and custom programs. She captures her audience from the moment she enters the room with her dynamic and versatile speaking style, creating a highly energetic learning experience for her audience. Contact Sharon Hill today to learn about her etiquette and diversity workshops.

Civility - Creating a Culture of Dignity and Respect

Some employees carry deep-seeded angst in the workplace because of having to work with fellow employees who are either focused on generalizations or relying on stereotypes. Such angst can affect productivity and morale. This session addresses: Perils of working and living in an uncivil environment; How to avoid making disparaging and rude comments, and Tips to creating respect and dignity.

Transformational Leadership

Want to have your team grow into their personal best? This 90 minute interactive training focuses on the seven aspects of personal growth. There are many theories about leadership and how to identify people who should be in leadership positions. Being familiar with the different theories can help you become an effective leader and better manage your team.

Diversity Training

Appreciating Generational Differences in the Workplace
Teams have a barrier in working with others of a different age group. If taken to extremes, it can negatively affect morale. Learn how to appreciate each generation based on what was happening in America during the formative years that affect attitude.

Appreciating Cultural Differences in the Workplace
Teams have a barrier in working with others of different cultures (race, nationality, religion, etc.). Learn how to appreciate other cultures in order to improve morale and understand that teams are no longer homogeneous.

Avoiding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Sexual harassment has morphed beyond men harassing women. Learn the importance of the law focusing on effect and not intent of a person’s actions and how negative consequences can affect a company at the highest levels.

Preparing for Corporate America
Many first generation minority college graduates, especially from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), are not prepared for the culture of corporate America. Learn how to handle the unexpected culture of corporate America.

Preparing for College
Targeted at high school and college freshman, this session focuses on 24 tips to succeed in college with specific actions students need to practice to maintain a decent GPA and avoid pitfalls of college life.

Motivational Speaking

Rags to Riches
Sharon tells her story of what it was like growing up as an African American girl in Chicago and how she succeeded in corporate America.

Nothing to Lose. Everything to Gain.
Learn how determination and tenacity can get you great things in life if you’re willing to take the risk.

Women on the Rise
As a tribute to sisterhood, Sharon encourages women to support one another in their rise to success.

Courage Moving Forward
Get inspired to make positive change in your life as Sharon Hill shares personal stories about strength and determination.

I Thought I Knew it all, until I met You
Dealing with aging, death and dying is difficult for anyone. Learn how Sharon grew to appreciate and value the care givers who helped as her mother passed.

A Better More Meaningful Life
Learn how it feels to be on the receiving end of a charitable act and how your act of giving could change the course of someone’s life.

Etiquette Coaching

Dealing with Frustration and Anger
Those who prove they are capable of controlling their emotions can rise to the top levels of management and stay there. Learn tips to control frustration and anger, especially when triggered by office stress.

Handling Office Gossip
Gossip damages the reputation of the person being gossiped about, and to a lesser degree, damages the reputation of the person spreading the gossip. Learn the perils of office gossip and why people do it.

10 Steps for Winning at Office Politics
Once everyone acknowledges that politics is a part of business, your office will become an enjoyable place to work, even if employees are spread across the world. Learn the rules to the game of relationship management, the core of office politics.

Small Talk and the 30-Day Rule
Small talk proficiency shows confidence and allows you to learn more about clients and work associates. Learn how to provide enough information about yourself and learn about others without revealing personal facts about your private life.

Handling the All-Important Business Appointment
Making an appointment requires a carefully calculated game plan to be successful. Learn to increase your awareness of client meeting etiquette.

Communication Skills (Telephone, Voice-Mail, Cell Phone, Email, Instant Message, Fax)
Issues of etiquette that arise in the area of technology point directly to personal accountability on the part of the person initiating the message. Learn to avoid obvious breaches in ethics when using technology to communicate.

Business Dining Manners
Dining in a fine restaurant can be intimidating if you don’t know the etiquette involved. Learn all the finer points of dining.

Eight Good Reasons to Network
Effective networking is mandatory in America’s competitive environment. Learn techniques along with the difference between networking and selling.

Irritating Office Behaviors
Irritating behavior can affect office productivity and morale. Learn how to deal with irritating behavior and how to create goodwill with those around you.

Seven Things to Know about Business Gift Giving
Gift giving can backfire if you don’t know the rules. Learn to avoid giving a gift that could potentially be considered as a scandalous or ethical blunder.

Dealing with the Death of a Co-Worker
In our global community, every culture has its own specific funeral rituals. Learn tips to handle grief in the workplace.

Office Cubicle Behaviors
40 million people perform their jobs while sitting in cubicles. Lack of privacy is a breeding ground for hot tempers, resentments, and broken relationships. Learn suggestions for preventing or diffusing misunderstandings.

Humor in the Workplace
Jokes are a public x-ray of your true character. Everyone needs to avoid humor and jokes that demean the opposite sex, ethnic groups, political leaders, or religious sects. Learn suggestions for using humor in the workplace without debasing any groups of people.

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